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An Orlandian nerd who writes about pop culture, theme parks, and the autistic experience.


  • Dale Lang

    Dale Lang

  • Javeria Salam

    Javeria Salam

    I am an introvert trying to do something worthwhile in the short span of time we call life. Hire me to write:

  • Maire McLaughlin Lang

    Maire McLaughlin Lang

    Registered Dental Hygienist

  • Fiona Winterfield

    Fiona Winterfield

    autistic | data professional | multipotentialite | trauma survivor | amateur minimalist | genX mom of a genZ kid | pronouns: she/her

  • Mclingc


  • Lyndsey Mcdonnough

    Lyndsey Mcdonnough

  • Celetia Liang

    Celetia Liang

  • EarthNamek


    Autistic/queer activist & race traitor reporting critically on autism, gender/LGBTQ+ issues, politics & White supremacy | MSW |

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